Please Join Us in Supporting Christine for Circuit Judge!

As a former Drug Court Judge, I'm known for two things - being tough but being fair. These two things must go hand-in-hand because a good judge can be fair with people who want to change, but she must also hold people accountable to the law.

In my years of knowing Christine - she has what it takes to do right by our community. Please vote for Christine! 

Mary Ann Gunn

This election is important because the Circuit Judge will decide the future of so many families. I'm voting for Christine because she's an amazing person who has a very strong moral compass. She earned her own way and has a proven record of putting the interests of children first and foremost in representing clients. That means so much to me. 

Melody Martens

I'm looking for the law and order judicial candidate who understands the growing threats in our community, and also one who understands that our justice system must move swiftly and efficiently. That's definitely Christine Horwart! 

 I've seen some prosecutors take too long bringing cases to trial, and it costs taxpayers money and fails the victims. I know Christine will put in the hard work to keep cases moving efficiently and will help protect innocent victims. 

Scott Clifton

Over the past many years I've witnessed Christine do what's right, every time. Whether it's complex business law or hard-fought divorces, she serves her clients with expertise and compassion. 

Clay Sears

As a former police officer and circuit court bailiff, I've seen the best and worst aspects of our community.  I know the importance of having judges who know police officers put their lives on the line each day. Christine gets that. Please vote for Christine Horwart! 

Jan Precure

I have been an educator for 22 years, with six as a teacher and the rest in administration. Currently, I am the Director of Student Services. I am voting for Christine because she has a proven record of putting the interests of children first. She is an excellent attorney with a stellar reputation for doing what she says and keeping her word. It is critically important to elect judges having Christine's temperament.

Amanda Kelly Musick

It is important to me that our judges be tough-minded, fair and approachable. I have known Christine for years and she is the same person at church as she is in the grocery store. She can relate to anybody because she is has nothing to prove and is not trying to be anybody she is not.

Lynn Hancock

My good friend Christine is like a rock. She's strong-minded and fair, both in her profession and on a personal level. Christine knows that doing the right thing on the bench will help keep our community safe. She's not afraid to hold guilty criminals accountable. 

Roxy Ruth

Our community is growing fast, and we're experiencing new issues when it comes to the security of our community and schools. Christine is a tough-minded attorney who will be ready on day one. She is exceptional at the law, and she will not accept excuses from criminals.

Josh Carlson

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