About Christine

I am the first person in my family to graduate college, and I’m the only person to earn her law license. I did that more than two decades ago.

I played collegiate golf at the University of Nebraska, and after graduating I moved to the warmer climate of Bella Vista, where my parents eventually retired.

My father built his own heat and air conditioning company. Investing long hours in the service industry, he taught me the importance of working hard to make sure customers are completely satisfied. 

Mom retired from Arvest as a branch manager after many years. From my mother, I learned the importance of investing in our community. 


Today, I am proud to use my law license to help my clients and community.


My husband Paul is also a tireless attorney, and we feel blessed to be part of this thriving place we call home.

Lady Justice depicts the strong moral force of our American Justice System. She carries a scale to judge the strength of a case, she is blindfolded to remain impartial and fair, and she wields a sword because justice must be decisive. I agree.

In my domestic law practice, I offer my clients hope for a better tomorrow, one that has less conflict and turmoil. I believe using children as pawns in a divorce case is intolerable, and as Judge, I will strictly prohibit it.

Some of my best days are when I help families adopt children, transforming everybody's lives. I love that our legal process can build families and provide stability to children.

My clients are hardworking people who deserve a fair opportunity to be heard from an impartial judge. And that's what I will strive to be every single day.


I would appreciate your vote. 

What My Law License Means To Me

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